Re-imagine Industrial Ecosystem- If not now, when

Until most recently, the decision making in the Manufacturing industry traditionally has been characterized by discrete outcomes. However, the circumstances and the changing business ecosystems are bringing in drastic transformations. The circumstantial factors are not only impacting the way decisions are now been derived upon and made, but they are also enhancing the various basic foundations of the decision-making process.

The transformation in the approach is becoming more evidential in the discrete manufacturing ecosystems where a lot is dependent on planning and execution excellence, and the essence of this executional excellence is quickly shifting from addressing the problem silo’s to Enterprise Value chain transformation.

The manufacturing industry environment, especially in the small and medium segment is generally less predictable, essentially because these companies have to deal with a large number of internal as well as external variables that are time-variant and also are more dependent on these factors of influence. The primary key to keep the business ecosystem sustainable & controllable is to provide the impetus for innovating.

The recent strained economy and uncertain business outlook have on one side created tremendous pressure on the manufacturing ecosystem by questioning the very ecosystem sustainability but on the other hand, this has also given an amazing opportunity to Re-imagine and Re-invent some of the beliefs and practices which are creating a hindrance. This changing approach of the small and medium manufacturing units in itself is a piece of great news. Before we speak about these opportunities and the changing landscape, in order to understand what is changing or what might need a change, we need to understand how some of these things are currently functioning and impacting the manufacturing segments.

In the present-day context, more than the productivity and efficiencies, Manufacturing Operations in the SME segment largely are forced to concentrate on demand and supply issues. As an immediate result of these demand-supply issues primary imperatives such as managing cashflows, business continuity, reducing the human dependance / intervention, has taken precedence. Amongst these shifting priorities, Demand-Driven Manufacturing is also posing several different sets of questions in front of the manufacturers especially SME’s such as

  • enhancing the capacity to cater to the demand-driven requirements
  • New equipment costs
  • Cost of acquiring new customers
  • Complications pertaining to the workforce and operational schedules, and so on

Some of these ground-zero aspects of the small and medium manufacturing companies show that it’s critically and probably the most appropriate time to understand how these external factors exponentially affecting and shifting the paradigm of ascertaining excellence through

an emerging technology intervention and at the same time having a technology partner who can walk the scale with them.

The Industrial Internet of things with allied technologies like AI / ML, Mixed and Augmented Reality, blockchain, does have the ability to transform the SME manufacturing ecosystems if envisaged, architected and implemented appropriately.

At Parentheses Systems, while we work with some of our customers from diverse manufacturing industry segments, most of the problem statements mentioned above have been the starting point of the solution delivery. Some of the foundation drivers around which our Hard-Tech Platform has been sculpted are-

Find, acquire and decipher data, when required! That too is in real-time!

In Manufacturing parlance data generation is default but data is mostly scattered and hidden. Parentheses Platform (HuMaC) equipped with pre-configured algorithms orchestrate the data to decision cycle from acquiring the data, analyzing the data in an appropriate business context and real-time validation of the outcomes resulting in generating the key business insights for decision making. 

Data enriching the business acumen!

For all these years you are in business the data collected is full of human errors. It not only affects that year but makes it impossible to make the trends out of them. With HuMaC what we bring in is a dependable partner for the long run, advancing every day with your usage.

Letting the 4M (Man- Machine- Material- Methods) ecosystem talk to you!

Though sounds dramatic many of you would agree that machine gives a lot of insight on quality as well as business continuity. With HuMaC what we are talking about is two-way communication! These insights now would be actionable inputs for you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a critical indicator like fuel gauge or mobile battery on our process dashboards?

Eliminating subjectivity and guess from the decision-making process:

Let it be any parameters of 4M Value chain such as Man-Machine – Material or Method all of them must be under the continuous improvement matrix. To make this happen we must know what to measure and then compare it against the standard or expected value. This would raise some serious questions but a HuMaC platform would help you measure, record, and analyze this without breaking a sweat.

If you think this can wait let the business traction come back first, it will be a huge mistake!  The best time to sharpen the tool is always yesterday! So, what’s your excuse?

If you think this is the right time to explore what revolutionary solution approach Parentheses bring to the table through our platform

  • Extremely easy adoption
  • Addictive and simple dashboards
  • Complete flexibility in usage
  • Handholding to learn on every step with you
  • Last but not the least
  • Safety of your data and processes in your environment