From Artificial to Augmented Intelligence for Manufacturers

Traditionally the manufacturing industry is slow-moving and quite a conservative one. However, the aftereffects of the deadly pandemic have left the industry grappling with some new challenges.

Result: Manufacturers are now upping their game with tech innovation at the speeds they have never tried earlier.

But how does that help the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry, traditionally human-dependent, is now faced with challenges that need technical and intelligence aid to overcome.

The rapid evolution of technology, which are not only smart but are also intelligent is shaping the way the work is done. From mobile solutions to automation to AI-enabled tools, the workspaces are not the same anymore.

As machine intelligence spikes, businesses rush to optimize every aspect of the same to drive innovation. However, this is where the challenge comes for most manufacturing organizations. These cutting-edge technologies present a huge challenge of not only extracting meaningful insights but also processing data.

Result: Bringing augmented intelligence into their business practices to gain new insights from both smart sensors as well as machines.

Before we proceed with the how and why of Augmented Intelligence for the manufacturing industry let’s understand what augmented intelligence is.

Augmented Intelligence – The Definition
Augmented intelligence is nothing but a pattern of design for an association that is human-centred. It is a model of both artificial intelligence and people working in a harmonious environment to heighten new experiences as well as cognitive performance like decision making and learning.

It is also known as intelligence amplification (IA), decision support, enhanced intelligence, machine augmented intelligence and cognitive augmentation.

In other words, augmented intelligence is an artificial intelligence with a twist.

Understand this: While artificial intelligence builds machines that react and work like humans, augmented intelligence uses those same machines to make the work of humans better.

In short: Augmented Intelligence is a blend of humans and machines working together, wherein each play to their respective strengths and help in achieving better business value.

Something like #Human Machine convergence. But why augmented intelligence? How will it help? What is the urgency now? Are these the questions boggling your mind? Yes? Keep reading to find out the answers.

You are already aware of augmented intelligence. But before you know about the benefits of IA for manufacturers, it is important to know what the the prime objective of augmented intelligence is and how HuMaC, a Deeptech Augmented Intelligence platform from #Parentheses Systems is helping the SME manufacturers.

HuMaC Augmented Intelligence: The Prime Objective The main objective of the HuMaC augmented intelligence platform is to empower #human – machine Convergence to work smarter and better through its collective intelligence which is typically generated through the data and insights generated from the manufacturing ecosystem.

Augmented Intelligence through HuMaC is not meant to replace the human’s decision-making power, rather with the adoption of HuMaC, the Data- decision cycle orchestration is done through this augmented intelligence to Maximize Man-Machine Margins.’

When manufacturers nowadays are embracing #Industry4.0 initiatives they lay the foundation for manufacturing operations to become SMART, which essentially puts deep emphasis on # Real time Monitoring, #Continuous Improvement, and continuous enhancement on value chain efficiencies and productivity, building along the inquisitiveness about improving each aspect of the production cycle.

If we say this is just the tip of the iceberg of what #Human Machine Convergence platform (HuMaC) of #Parentheses Systems can do for an SME Manufacturers it won’t be an exaggeration.

@ Parentheses we are driven by the vision towards Maximising man-machine
Margins through Human-Machine Convergence.

Sounds interesting?
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