Human-Machine Convergence – HuMaC

HuMaC (Human Machine Convergence), Deep -Tech Augmented Intelligence platform that enables the "Data-Decision” cycle orchestration to Maximize Man - Machine margins

In the era of the Industry 4.0, Low digital maturity manufacturing companies are struggling the most with reduced workforce & operational productivity and efficiency issues. Especially the Small & Medium discrete manufacturing companies are critically evaluating their objectives towards optimising their Productivity and efficiencies, and digitalization is making it up their highest priorities.  (a recent Intel manufacturing survey reveals)

  • Around 74% of the global manufacturing companies are struggling with – Resource / Workforce Fragility – Availability, Retention, Skill levels of workers and Health issues
  • Around 92% of the global SME manufacturing companies are having unexpected production variances - Lacking in agility & meeting customer demands

Until recently, decision making in the manufacturing industry has been characterised by discrete outcomes. However, changing business ecosystems are bringing in drastic transformation. The circumstantial factors are not only impacting in the way decisions are now been made, but they are also enhancing the foundation of the decision-making process.

AI-based Prescriptive Guidance:

Automatically see the highest Priority items that need Action Be able to Drill down to actual Deviations in Plants worldwide Check the Trendlines to understand the direction

See the Financial Impact of each deviation for each time period Understand what Actions should be taken to rectify the deviations

From insights to Action in Seconds

HuMaC shows the adverse Financial Impact due to deviations in Production

These Deviations are measured in the 4 Factors of Production: Man, Machine, Materials, Method

Our Product allows drill down to the actual causes and prescribes Actions to be taken to rectify the same

Data to Decision Cycle Orchastration

HuMaC enables manufacturers in lowering Cost of Production & increasing productivity across Man, Machine, Materials & Methods (4M) Value chain on the manufacturing shop floor. In five simple steps, HuMaC can create value across any shopfloor ecosystems – SMART, SEMI SMART or NON SMART.

Data Collection

Equipped for data acquisition from SMART, Semi-SMART or Non-SMART Machines / Equipment's / environments.

Data Ingestion

PSPL EDGE - centralizes data from different sources & Securely transmits the data to the Cloud database.

Data Analysis

Identification & Data classification as per the inefficiencies / Anomalies across the Man, Machine, Materials & Method Value Chains.

Prescriptive Actions

Prescriptive Action Boards suggesting Real-Time Corrective actions to resolve the anomaly.


Deep Learning Algorithms enabling Continuous Improvements & Maximizes Man Machine Margins

HuMaC creates almost Instantaneous Impacts

HuMaC, the patent pending platform, concentrates not only on Machine-to-Machine connectivity but emphasizes entire manufacturing value chain across 4M’s by –

  • Enhancing Man - Machine productivity and efficiencies & Utilization
  • Reducing down time & Productivity losses
  • Improving the workforce effectiveness and productivities &
  • Generating critical business insights through the shop-floor data and
  • Prescribing actions for continuous improvements